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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Technical Dubstep Or Smooth dubstep?

I was wondering which you guys like more? Ill provide examples to show the difference.

Technical Dubstep

and smooth dubstep

Personally, I enjoy both. Sometimes at different times and sometimes at the same time. Technical dubstep provides a real goosebump feeling with bass that makes your spine shiver. Smooth dubstep provides a slower pace which is more calming and relaxing, all while still giving the deep bass we all crave.

So I ask, smooth? or technical?



  1. Depends on the moment. I love the smooth when I'm just there to relax or feel good. Techy when I'm high as balls.

    Great blog ideas, keep it up!

  2. both. depends on my mood though, like right now I would need some smooth dubstep. thanks for posting though, I don't know much about it lol